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Okay, so you’ve found our web site. Now for the big question: what the heck is this all about?

As the title suggests, the main purpose of this web site is to explore the impact of the Internet on child development. Beginning in the early 1990’s, the Internet surged into the homes, schools, and offices of people worldwide, especially in North America and Europe. It has clearly had a profound impact on the way that adults correspond, perform business, conduct research, and otherwise define their lifestyles and habits. No other form of media offers gigabytes of data in a matter of seconds (or at least as fast as one can type!). The ability to receive this nearly instantaneous information has changed the world of adults.

But what about children? Surely, hundreds of thousands of children are using the Internet on a daily basis as well as adults, whether age 2 or age 20. What type of impact do computers and the Internet have on the development of children? This is the question that we seek to explore and, hopefully, synthesize an answer to as well. The positive and negative impacts of the Internet on the physical, cognitive, and social development shall be examined, followed by information on the prevention and treatment of children suffering from developmental blocks correlated to the Internet. A summary of the findings and a complete list of resources used in the course of this project are also provided.

Now that our introduction is complete, simply click on a link from the sidebar menu in order to begin your journey!

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