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General Policies

My business services are operated upon three key Christian-based principles: integrity, commitment to excellence, and commitment to people. It is my belief that we honor God by observing these principles in every area of our lives, including our business activities. Christian principles truly are the foundation upon which we can build a better world for ourselves and our children. Christian principles provide the reason to work for the best, rather than just accepting a passive, or fatalistic view of life and saying, “It’s not my business what happens.”

I will record anyone, regardless of spiritual or religious beliefs; however, I do ask that any materials be free of obscenities and innuendos. I realize that this is a sensitive topic for some people, and although I do not want to stem off creativity, it is my personal conviction that moral values should supersede recording obligations. If, at any point during a project, the material I am working with is found to be in violation of this policy, I reserve the right to cancel the remainder of the contract. I will hand over any completed project materials up to that point and you will be charged only for that material.


Recording Policies

All recording-based services are priced based on a customized proposal, using a base studio rate of $50 per hour for recording services. During initial consultation, I will work with you to determine your project requirements. Once I have your specifications, I will provide an estimate of the amount of time required to complete your project. If you choose to accept the proposal, the consultation fee will be waived and I will keep accurate records of the amount of time required to complete the project. Should the project take longer to complete than expected, your cost will not exceed the quoted proposal provided that all parameters of the proposal remain the same. If changes are requested during the project that require additional work, a new price quote will be created and invoiced appropriately. If the project requires less time than quoted in the original proposal, I will recalculate the proposal to reflect a lower cost for you.

I request that all music be written and prepared prior to recording in the studio. I reserve the right to make proposals by-the-hour for artists who come into the studio unprepared. This policy is enforced in order to protect everyone’s time and to ensure availability for as many clients as possible.


Privacy Policies

I do not handle obtaining permissions to record third party music – that is the responsibility of the artist. I will record in good faith of these arrangements. If arrangements can not be verified, I reserve the right to refuse services.

I will fully respect your privacy; no personally identifiable information is collected on this website. The only time I collect such information is during the negotiations of a contract proposal. Said information is used only by me for reasons of communication with clients and for billing purposes. No information is given or sold to any third party (with the exception of a court ordered subpoena).

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